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Lawn Replacement

A lawn with less than 50% desirable turf grass, or the grade or smoothness of the lawn area is unacceptable, a complete lawn replacement is in order. Depending on the variety of weeds present, an application of Round-up may be suggested. Fall is the best time for lawn replacement, as temperatures are cooler, water is more abundant, and the weed competition is decreasing. If replacement cannot wait until fall, spring is the next best time, but a fall slice seeding will be necessary to help the lawn fill in. Depending on the client’s budget and the desired timeline at which the new lawn is to be established, the options are seed, hydro-seed or sod.

Landscape Design

All good landscapes start with a good design. Mature plant size, flowering time, texture, berries, and maintenance are all carefully considered and discussed during the design process. A landscape with 12 months of interest, using flowers, texture, berries, and foliage will be used. All design work is billed at $ 60.00 per man-hour. A $200.00 deposit is required at the initial meeting. All designs will include an overhead view and pictures of all plants in the plan.

Landscape Installation

Installing new trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals is done with the utmost care – selection, transportation, and installation.


Hardscapes, such as walls, patios, and walks add color, definition, beauty, and functionality to any landscape.

Examples of work

New lawns, ranging from seed, hydro-seed, and sod

New foundation plantings, design, and installation

Artificial golf greens

Railroad tie walls

Modular block walls and stairs

Concrete paver walks and patios

Bluestone walks and patios

Underground irrigation systems

Underground drainage